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Located in one of Al Wasl Road, Dubai, we have created a place of harmony and tranquility combined with refined elegance. On May 2012, the clinic started to introduce non-invasive treatments with the use of newest technologies the world offers.

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  • 1100AM - 800PM
  • Closed

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Dr. Ali Reza Eghtedari

Medical Director, Consultant General Surgery

Dr. Eghtedari has 17 years of experience in his medical practice.

Dr. Abolhassan Gholam Ghaisari

EAFPS Member

He has 28 years of experience in his medical practice.

Dr. Babak Hatami

Specialist Plastic Surgery

Specialist surgeon in the field of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr.Karl Anton Miller

Consultant General Surgery

Performed obesity (bariatric) surgery as early as 1994.

Dr. Rolf Ulrich Hartung

Specialist General Surgery

Dr. Khalid Hannouneh

General Dentist